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Meet Vijaya Dewan, the visionary founder

Vijaya is well known in the export industry having headed two buying houses and for the last 36 years she has been sourcing textiles, soft goods and home products for international markets.

Her interest in Organic clothing began 8 years ago and grew into a consuming passion that became Indricka. “When we started focusing on what was going on outside our business, we began to open our eyes—– we started learning about organic agriculture, environmental destruction and climate change.”

As the managing director and co founder, she has envisioned a cleaner and greener future for the garment industry and with her expertise, organic supply chains have been created for large international brands such as Billabong, Quicksilver and Marmaxx.

Her commitment to earth friendly, sustainable and textiles with heart has helped magnetize a small and dedicated team that includes

Capt. Rana Rastogi: the happy Investor

As co founder and Vijaya’s life partner, he is responsible for bringing in the funds to help this young brand grow. He shares her passion for the environment.

Rana captains merchant ships and is often referred to as ‘the grumpy old man at sea’.  For 36 years he has been a ‘shippie’ where his creative energies find him making woodcraft, embroidery, playing the guitar, singing… He is also a photographer with a keen eye for Nature.  He taught himself Urdu on the ship and is fluent with this endangered language.

Priyanka Rastogi: style and operations consultant

As Vijaya’s daughter, her passion for fashion is in born. She brings social media marketing insights and initiates special projects and innovative ideas for the brand.

She has been raised on World Culture and sees herself as a global citizen.  A lover of world music, fashion and food, Priyanka is pursuing her graduation.  Her current career interest is to be a legal beagle with a special interest in Contract Law and IPR.  At Indricka she contributes in brand building and digital marketing solutions.

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