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Skin, our frontier with the world

In recent years the porous quality of the skin has been researched in more detail and every product that comes in contact with the skin leaves an absorbent imprint. The clothes we wear are in contact for 4-8 hours on an average and the dyes with plastisols – the most common chemical dyes – are absorbed creating toxic residues.

Azo compounds and heavy metals are both toxic and carcinogenic (cancer causing) and are common in all dyeing processes.

We, at Indricka, get Azo free dyeing done to ensure safe fabrics free from toxicity.  The mills get Oeko-Tex tests at every stage of production making the yarn free of –

  • Carcinogenic Colorants
  • Formaldehyde, plasticizers, heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury), pentachlorophenol
  • Pesticides, allergenic dyes, tin-organic compounds

Our dyes are made from natural oils and water based solvents with a skin friendly PH value.

Azo free dyes have the advantage of bright colours resistant to fading or discoloration from repeated washes as they bond well with natural organic fabrics (think Ajanta caves with their fresh colours after over a thousand years- natural pigments cohesive with natural rock)

These dyes are Low Impact as far less water is wasted and neither does it pollute the existing water tables.  In times of water shortages, choosing Indricka means you are responsible for way less water pollution.

The Azo free dyes are energy saving as they work at lower temperatures than conventional dyeing, the effluents can be recycled and reused and they need no alkali or acids as their PH is 7- the same as our bodies ideal level.

Choose Indricka. Love the planet. Own garments that your skin will adore.