The small honeybee has been providing a free, indispensable service in cross-pollinating our fruits, nuts and vegetables.  They have been steadily decreasing and dying and beekeepers are finding it hard to reverse the trend.  In the US where bees were first noticed to be dying in massive numbers since 2013, 30 percent bee deaths were reported annually as Colony collapse disorder gained recognition.

If we had to pollinate manually, the cost of what the bees do so simply and efficiently would cost trillions of dollars annually in US alone.  In third world countries, all these fruits would disappear.  The key drivers of this phenomenon are pesticides, mites and nutritional deficiencies in the bee food.  As Nature gets overrun by monocultures of farming and natural habitats are mowed down, bees find it harder to find the food that keeps their immunity strong.

We can help by buying organic as farmers will be encouraged to keep their land organic.  Support banning of GMOs.

Permaculture and biodiversity allows bees to thrive.  At Indricka we promote the bees magnificent contribution by a organic voile range of tunics like these with hand embroidered bees.