A Blue Wail?

We are alarming predators. The biggest animal to have ever existed is endangered by us. All that technological and industrial might has made us tunnel visioned- we see only human problems and human needs and we trample the earth, waters and air to make the planet habitable- well, only for us.

The story of the mighty Blue Whales will burn a hole in your heart. These beautiful gentle mammals roamed the oceans in big numbers at the start of the 20th century. They sang their songs and communicated with intelligence about feeding and breeding. Then came the big ships, big sea trawlers, big nets, sonar communications and finally climate change. The habitats of the Blue Whales are warming up, too much fresh water coming in from melting glaciers, the overfishing of krill makes them now travel long distances in search of food. Our radio technologies interfere with theirs- they get confusing signals and they are hunted mercilessly if not killed by the chemicals introduced in the oceans.

Critical whale habitats are depleting and they are moving southward in search of food. This massive migrations are going to take them away from their natural homes and the effects cannot be predicted.

Is this only a human planet?

Are we allowed to pollute the planet with chemicals and sound as long as it is safe for us?

Do the Blue Whales have no rights to their natural environs?

Do we care about the ecological impact of the Blues Whales wailing?

blue whale                       Indricka designed this tee to make us ask this question and show alliance to the rights of the Blue Whale.